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Can the new tax laws help your business?

Darren McBride was at Thursday’s presentation, learning how to maximize savings as the country transitions into the new tax era.  The owner of Sierra Computer Group says his business will see immediate gains. “The overall, over the next couple of years, lower tax rate puts more money back in the business, which let’s us buy more inventory and hire more people,” McBride said. “It’s going to save me several thousand …Read More

Can my small business afford amazing IT?

We are a small business ourselves and one thing I hear from potential customers, or friends and family is: Can we afford good IT? Isn’t it expensive to hire an IT person? The reality is that it’s not as cost prohibitive as you would think. Especially, when the work being done is enhancing the performance of your network, extending the lifespan of your PC’s, server and any other office equipment. …Read More

Sierra Computer Group’s Darren McBride in his own words

Our CEO Darren McBride was recently interview by the Northern Nevada Business Weekly, please click on the link below to get to read the interview and get to know our CEO and company better.  http://www.nnbw.com/news/sierra-computer-groups-darren-mcbride-in-his-own-words/ ”Setup a network in your home and have passion for knowing how it works. We tend to hire people who think computers and networks are so cool they’re willing to invest in owning them.” – …Read More

Having issues with Windows 10 upgrade?

Did you finally decide to click upgrade to Windows 10 only to find that your computer crashed or keeps freezing after the upgrade? Or your profile is completely missing? Why did it do that!? What do I do now? There are some theory’s as to why Window’s 10 installations are not always successful. One is that some applications need to be uninstalled because they cause problems with the upgrade process. …Read More

Three reasons to switch to Office 365

1.Price Microsoft has a pretty heavy price tag for the new Office Home and Business 2016, starting out at $229.99 for one product key code. Why pay that for one user when Office 365 plans start at $5 per month? Small businesses can get access to Outlook Email with Calendars, Online conferencing, Skype, file storage and sharing with One drive, in addition to essential Office productivity applications for just $5 …Read More

Email encryption made easy

We’re all nervous about the security of our email. It’s so convenient to send documents via email but it is sometimes best to encrypt or password protect sensitive data. This is especially true for documents such as tax returns, W2’s, or other sensitive financial documents. Did you know that whoever has admin rights on mail servers or workstations on either end can see documents sent and received from either side …Read More

Look out for Locky

Look out for Locky, the newest member of the ransomware family. It has only emerged in the past few weeks but has already proved to be much more devastating than its predecessors. The main difference between Locky and the other variants of ransomware is that can see un-mapped networked drives. Files encrypted by Locky don’t change the ownership of the files, but the help files created will have the proper …Read More

Suffering from antiquated Category 5 cabling?

Does your business suffer from antiquated Category 5 cabling? New bandwidth-intensive applications are calling for speeds greater than 100 and 1000 Mbps, and the demand is only going to increase. There’s also an increasing amount of wireless devices, an influx of transferring of high-res images, streaming, and surveillance footage that are all part of a business’ daily routine.  Whether its your line of business applications or your devices creating more …Read More

Why does your business need a server?

Many small business owners think they do not need a server. Investing in a server may not seem necessary, but the benefits gained far outweigh the cost. In most cases, a server is not just beneficial but necessary for business. Increased file/network security, centralized backup, virus management, centralized data storage/shared resources, and increased reliability are just some of the reasons you need a server in place and how it will be …Read More