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Can the new tax laws help your business?

Darren McBride was at Thursday’s presentation, learning how to maximize savings as the country transitions into the new tax era.  The owner of Sierra Computer Group says his business will see immediate gains. “The overall, over the next couple of years, lower tax rate puts more money back in the business, which let’s us buy more inventory and hire more people,” McBride said. “It’s going to save me several thousand …Read More

Look out for Locky

Look out for Locky, the newest member of the ransomware family. It has only emerged in the past few weeks but has already proved to be much more devastating than its predecessors. The main difference between Locky and the other variants of ransomware is that can see un-mapped networked drives. Files encrypted by Locky don’t change the ownership of the files, but the help files created will have the proper …Read More

How Much RAM do I need?

How Much RAM do I need? Deciding how much RAM you need will depend on two key factors: Which applications will be used most often. How fast will you need to get the work done. The more RAM your system has the faster it can open programs and handle them simultaneously. Users will require different amounts based on the types of programs they are opening. For instance: a giant Excel …Read More

Windows 10: Should you upgrade?

Windows 10 is set to launch the end of July and many have already reserved their upgrade to install Windows 10. There are several exciting new features like your personal assistant, Cortona, and the new Edge internet browser. Before upgrading, you should first look at how it will affect the functionality of your computer and whether the programs you use will work with Windows 10. An important thing to consider is that you …Read More

Windows 10 release date set for July 29th.

Microsoft announced the Windows 10 release date is set for July 29th of this year. For those that qualify, this upgrade will be free. This past week Windows pushed out a notification to qualifying computers, prompting users to reserve their free upgrade. However you do not need to reserve an upgrade in order to get Windows 10. By reserving your upgrade, you will be notified exactly when you can upgrade. …Read More

Windows Server 2003 End of Support

In 2014, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP and this year they will end support for Windows Server 2003. Microsoft plans to end their support on July 14, 2015 . This means that fixes, updates, and technical support will no longer provided by Microsoft. Many business may not be aware that they are running Windows Server 2003, and that it will soon be unsupported. They may also fail to realize …Read More