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Email encryption made easy

We’re all nervous about the security of our email. It’s so convenient to send documents via email but it is sometimes best to encrypt or password protect sensitive data. This is especially true for documents such as tax returns, W2’s, or other sensitive financial documents. Did you know that whoever has admin rights on mail servers or workstations on either end can see documents sent and received from either side …Read More

Best Defense is a Knowledgeable Offense

A new report out has discovered that Cryptowall  has become the most financially successful piece of malware in history. Maybe your business hasn’t been hit and you think “I have a firewall or Antivirus this couldn’t happen to me”.  But it does happen to reputable businesses with many precautions put in place on a daily basis. Just recently a hospital in southern California had to pay $17,000 ransom (Bitcoin) to …Read More

Ransomware: What is it and how to protect your data.

Ransomware is a sophisticated type of computer virus that encrypts user files and demands a ransom to get the decryption key. There are several different versions of ransomware such as Cryptoware and Cryptowall each version more dangerous than the last. Viruses infecting computers is as common as ants invading the picnic table – it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Prevention is of course the best route, and education is …Read More