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Can the new tax laws help your business?

Darren McBride was at Thursday’s presentation, learning how to maximize savings as the country transitions into the new tax era.  The owner of Sierra Computer Group says his business will see immediate gains. “The overall, over the next couple of years, lower tax rate puts more money back in the business, which let’s us buy more inventory and hire more people,” McBride said. “It’s going to save me several thousand …Read More

Password Advice has changed time to update yours

Password Advice has changed. Back in 2003 Bill Burr, a mid-level manager at the National Institute of Standards wrote an 8 page publication providing guidance on computer passwords.  The document suggested using obscure characters, a mix of upper and lower case, and recommended changing the password regularly.  The document became the guideline that many government and corporate entities adopted and his advice was widely disseminated.  Today Bill is retired and …Read More

Sierra Computer Group’s Darren McBride in his own words

Our CEO Darren McBride was recently interview by the Northern Nevada Business Weekly, please click on the link below to get to read the interview and get to know our CEO and company better.  http://www.nnbw.com/news/sierra-computer-groups-darren-mcbride-in-his-own-words/ ”Setup a network in your home and have passion for knowing how it works. We tend to hire people who think computers and networks are so cool they’re willing to invest in owning them.” – …Read More

Having issues with Windows 10 upgrade?

Did you finally decide to click upgrade to Windows 10 only to find that your computer crashed or keeps freezing after the upgrade? Or your profile is completely missing? Why did it do that!? What do I do now? There are some theory’s as to why Window’s 10 installations are not always successful. One is that some applications need to be uninstalled because they cause problems with the upgrade process. …Read More

Look out for Locky

Look out for Locky, the newest member of the ransomware family. It has only emerged in the past few weeks but has already proved to be much more devastating than its predecessors. The main difference between Locky and the other variants of ransomware is that can see un-mapped networked drives. Files encrypted by Locky don’t change the ownership of the files, but the help files created will have the proper …Read More

Ten IT questions to keep your business safe

It can be tough to narrow down all the security risks on a network. So we’ve complied a list of our favorite questions to gauge a networks stability and security level. What do you currently use for backup and disaster recovery. What is the password complexity, how often is it changed, and lockout policy on your network?  How is your end user education regarding use of email, rogue websites, viruses …Read More

Best Defense is a Knowledgeable Offense

A new report out has discovered that Cryptowall  has become the most financially successful piece of malware in history. Maybe your business hasn’t been hit and you think “I have a firewall or Antivirus this couldn’t happen to me”.  But it does happen to reputable businesses with many precautions put in place on a daily basis. Just recently a hospital in southern California had to pay $17,000 ransom (Bitcoin) to …Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need a Backup

We all know that we should be backing up our data. But most don’t realize just how important having a backup, as well as an offsite backup, really is until it’s needed. Users should think of a backup as a sort of insurance policy that protects their business from data loss and downtime. Data loss can be a frustrating and costly for businesses. It is vital for businesses to have …Read More