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Can the new tax laws help your business?

Darren McBride was at Thursday’s presentation, learning how to maximize savings as the country transitions into the new tax era.  The owner of Sierra Computer Group says his business will see immediate gains. “The overall, over the next couple of years, lower tax rate puts more money back in the business, which let’s us buy more inventory and hire more people,” McBride said. “It’s going to save me several thousand …Read More

Password Advice has changed time to update yours

Password Advice has changed. Back in 2003 Bill Burr, a mid-level manager at the National Institute of Standards wrote an 8 page publication providing guidance on computer passwords.  The document suggested using obscure characters, a mix of upper and lower case, and recommended changing the password regularly.  The document became the guideline that many government and corporate entities adopted and his advice was widely disseminated.  Today Bill is retired and …Read More

Email encryption made easy

We’re all nervous about the security of our email. It’s so convenient to send documents via email but it is sometimes best to encrypt or password protect sensitive data. This is especially true for documents such as tax returns, W2’s, or other sensitive financial documents. Did you know that whoever has admin rights on mail servers or workstations on either end can see documents sent and received from either side …Read More

Cyber Attack Protection

With each hacking breach, it becomes more apparent how important cyber attack protection is. The most recent being, one of the largest bank breaches known, with up to $1 billion stolen. A security company, Kaspersky Lab, discovered the spying program that gives the hacker group means to eavesdrop on a bulk of the world’s computers. Once the spying program is installed on a user’s computer, the program can not be …Read More