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   Network Consulting Services

Is your computer network a mess or does it just need a little help? Do you have computer or IT questions that need answers? You’ve come to the right place. Our consultants are personable, knowledgeable, and can make sure your IT system is operating efficiently and effectively.

At Sierra Computer Group, we specialize in small business IT solutions. We have been making IT work for over 35 years! Our consultants have years of valuable experience in the field.  It’s reassuring for our clients to know their IT consultant has been selected for the project because of his or her specific expertise. If there is any computer troubleshooting to do, they have the backing of the entire group. If you already have an inside IT department, we can collaborate with them. This way you don’t have the expense of hiring a new team member to solve a particular IT problem.

We take the time to listen to your needs and then create customized IT solutions that work best for you. We make sure your network is set up, configured and support systems are in place. Our approach is not “cookie cutter” as we recognize that each client has different needs, timelines and budgets.

On-Demand IT Outsourcing

We respond and mobilize the resources needed to solve immediate problems, becoming your instant IT department – one hour at a time, anytime. We provide around the clock on-call services to make sure you are up and running when you need to be.

Managed Services

This type of service challenges the idea of, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It eliminates problems before they even happen. Managed services is all about keeping your IT system safe and monitored 24/7. Think of it as an insurance policy for your tech infrastructure.

What happens when your network goes down? Business comes to a halt. With regular monitoring, we will alert you before something happens and fix problems before they impact your bottom line and employee productivity. Managed services include securing your email service, customer relationship management system, financial accounting software and network hardware. 

Don’t wait for something to break or go wrong before signing up for this subscription based service. We use a combination of the latest software and hardware tools with decades of technician experience to keep the IT portion of your business running smoothly. Managed services can be incorporated into your budget and save you money and help you avoid emergency calls that put your small business at risk.

 Contact us to explore proactive managed services solutions so you can forget about tech and do what you do best, run your business.

Network Design Services

Network design can be complicated but when it’s done well you’ll see instant results. This type of service might be right for you if find yourself asking these questions:

Why is my computer running so slow?

  • Why can’t my computer communicate with other computers in my network?
  • Why does my computer keep crashing?
  • Why can’t I print on my network?

Think about your network being like the architectural design of a building. Network infrastructure is vital to your entire IT operation. It is the hardware and software that breathes life into your network. Sierra Computer Group has over 35 years of experience creating IT solutions for small businesses.

Contact us today to find ways to have your IT system perform better, work more efficiently, be more resilient and last longer.

Disaster Recovery

Is your data at risk? When your system crashes do you lose files and valuable data? Sierra Computer Group to the rescue. If your hardware fails, we have data recovery services that can help retrieve those lost files and data. Once we recover that data we’ll work with you to create a business continuity plan to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

 We will back up your files and keep your data safe and protected. Your files can be backed up in a cloud service, offsite or onsite.

IT Business Planning

Our experts can analyze your existing technology, define your short term and long term requirements, and design solutions to meet your business needs. Our comprehensive solutions cover everything from initial planning to project management and training.