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Sierra Computer Group knows IT.

We provide the hardware and software you need to make your business more efficient and profitable. We keep up to date with the latest industry-leading solutions to make sure you have the best security and functionality available.

We stock many commonly needed products like network switches, cables, and PC workstations, so they are available when you need them.


Software versions change continually, sometimes two or three times a year. Should you upgrade? What are the benefits vs. the costs? What can new versions do to increase the productivity of personnel? Do I need a lot of training to upgrade? These are questions we can help you answer.

We focus on Microsoft server software platforms such as Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, as well as desktop software such as Windows and Office. Our Microsoft certified experts can deploy, configure, and maintain these products to make sure you are getting the most out of your software.

We have wide-ranging experience with many line of business applications, including accounting packages such as Sage Construction and Real Estate, Timberline, and QuickBooks; CRM packages; Dental and Medical practice management software; and many others.


Sierra Computer Group is an authorized reseller and partner of many industry leading hardware vendors. We offer hardware from companies such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, SonicWall, Ubiquti, and Cisco.  Regardless of the size of your business is, we have products to fit your needs. We don’t sell you a product just to make a profit. Our goal is to create an IT environment that makes sense for the number of users, as well as delivering on the business needs of the organization.

We offer server solution from HP and Dell to fit any need, from a single small business server to a large multiple-server virtual host environment. We can provide SAN and NAS network storage solutions from vedors like Dell EqualLogic and Highly Reliable Systems.

Sierra Computer Group specializes in deploying secure and fast network solutions, including Network Security appliances, gigabit and ten-gigabit Ethernet networks, and managed private and public wireless networks.