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Suffering from antiquated Category 5 cabling?

Does your business suffer from antiquated Category 5 cabling? New bandwidth-intensive applications are calling for speeds greater than 100 and 1000 Mbps, and the demand is only going to increase. There’s also an increasing amount of wireless devices, an influx of transferring of high-res images, streaming, and surveillance footage that are all part of a business’ daily routine.  Whether its your line of business applications or your devices creating more …Read More

Ten IT questions to keep your business safe

It can be tough to narrow down all the security risks on a network. So we’ve complied a list of our favorite questions to gauge a networks stability and security level. What do you currently use for backup and disaster recovery. What is the password complexity, how often is it changed, and lockout policy on your network?  How is your end user education regarding use of email, rogue websites, viruses …Read More

Best Defense is a Knowledgeable Offense

A new report out has discovered that Cryptowall  has become the most financially successful piece of malware in history. Maybe your business hasn’t been hit and you think “I have a firewall or Antivirus this couldn’t happen to me”.  But it does happen to reputable businesses with many precautions put in place on a daily basis. Just recently a hospital in southern California had to pay $17,000 ransom (Bitcoin) to …Read More

Gamer’s Rejoice with the New Razer Ultrabook

Razer’s gaming devices have typically been bulky, but they are changing things up this year. Hopefully they will be setting a new trend too with their first ultrabook. The Razer Blade Stealth is just as sexy as its predecessors, but now its just under 3 pounds and  0.52 inches thick.  This is a huge difference from the bulky models we’re used to seeing. Every model is power packed with the …Read More

CryptoWall Interview on Channel 2

We want our community, friends, and family to all be safe this holiday season. Please take a moment to watch Darren McBride’s interview on Channel 2, on how to avoid getting Crypto virus and protect your business’ data. Sierra Computer Group wishes you all HAPPY HOLIDAY’S!    Please click here > Channel 2 Crypto Interview with Darren McBride

New CryptoLocker Virus Variant

New Variant of CryptoLocker Virus Spreading Over the past few years, a category of viruses known as CryptoLocker/CryptoWall have appeared. These viruses do not steal information or install other malicious software, instead they encrypt data on computers and servers, preventing your from accessing it. The creators of the virus will demand a ransom to release the encryption key needed to gain access to your own data. Even though this data can almost …Read More

How Much RAM do I need?

How Much RAM do I need? Deciding how much RAM you need will depend on two key factors: Which applications will be used most often. How fast will you need to get the work done. The more RAM your system has the faster it can open programs and handle them simultaneously. Users will require different amounts based on the types of programs they are opening. For instance: a giant Excel …Read More

Cyber Monday safety tips

Cyber security while shopping on Cyber Monday Bargains abound on cyber Monday that make shopping very appealing to the masses. Browsing items in your cozy warm house, beats hitting the long lines of black Friday shopping. But buyer beware, cyber criminals are waiting to steal information from vulnerable devices and unprepared shoppers. It used to be that criminals would target the XP machines and weaknesses on your network, but now …Read More

Windows 10: Should you upgrade?

Windows 10 is set to launch the end of July and many have already reserved their upgrade to install Windows 10. There are several exciting new features like your personal assistant, Cortona, and the new Edge internet browser. Before upgrading, you should first look at how it will affect the functionality of your computer and whether the programs you use will work with Windows 10. An important thing to consider is that you …Read More

Windows 10 release date set for July 29th.

Microsoft announced the Windows 10 release date is set for July 29th of this year. For those that qualify, this upgrade will be free. This past week Windows pushed out a notification to qualifying computers, prompting users to reserve their free upgrade. However you do not need to reserve an upgrade in order to get Windows 10. By reserving your upgrade, you will be notified exactly when you can upgrade. …Read More